Vector Associates Client Email Application

Application Description and Use

As a service for our clients in order to help to ensure that all online form submissions directed to you as well as website administration notifications directed to Vector Associates, LLC, are sent and reach their intended destination as well as to help to minimize the potential that they are marked as SPAM, and to also enable us to diagnose any operational issues with the delivery of these items, we utilize Google OAuth credentials and the WordPress email plugin Post SMTP to securely send the submissions and the notifications using the Google email address

Privacy Policy

Ensuring that the information described above from your website is received only by the intended recipients and remains secure is a high priority.  As such, Vector Associates, LLC, has exclusive control and access to the email address  We never share access to this email address with anyone.  This includes our clients.

The content of your online submissions exists in only two places:

  1. Within the entries that are maintained within the forms package on your website for each of the online forms referenced above – Access to this information is limited to those with “Administrator” access to your website, which typically includes you, any others to which you have requested that we provide “Administrator” access, as well as Vector Associates, LLC.  The entries can be deleted manually when they are no longer needed you or by Vector Associates, LLC upon request.
  2. Within the “Sent” archive for  – “Sent” email is manually deleted, in bulk, at the beginning of each year between January 1st and January 15th.

Please direct any questions or concerns you may have to Scott Simpson by phone at 248.862.7220 or by email to

Thank you.

Scott Simpson

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