Technology Selection, Planning and Implementation

The effective selection, planning and implementation of technology is critical to the success of every business, organization and educational institution


This can be particularly difficult for small to mid-size businesses that do not have the internal expertise to draw on.

A successful technology implementation or upgrade process begins by asking the right questions:

  • What are the operational issues that we are trying to address?
  • How is work completed today?  What is working?  What is not working?
  • How can we improve our current processes through the use of enabling technology?
  • How will we select the technologies that are right for us?
  • How will we choose from the range of suppliers offering competing solutions?
  • How will we integrate the chosen technologies into our daily operations to ensure we maximize the benefits that will result?
  • How will we train our staff?

Key elements of the Vector Associates Technology Needs Analysis, Selection and Implementation Process include:

  • Identify Technology Wants, Needs and Requirements
  • Develop a Needs-Driven Technology Road Map
  • Identify Solution Alternatives – Internal and External
  • Select the Optimum Set of Solutions
  • Develop and Manage Projects to Objectives
  • Manage External Suppliers
    (Quotation, Evaluation, Selection and Delivery)
  • Anticipate and Plan for Training and Maintenance

An important consideration in the above process is ensuring the needs of the business/organization drive the technology solution and not the reverse!  A major warning sign for any business, organization or educational institution is a “market hyped” technology solution looking for a problem to solve.

Why Vector Associates

We work with you and your team to answer the key questions identified above as a trusted advisor and sounding board. This critical third party perspective coupled with our knowledge and the experience that we are able to apply are important elements. We work through the process with you to develop and implement the solutions that will enable you to drive your business or organization forward.

Example Engagement

Vector Associates assisted a private school to define, develop and implement a comprehensive “21st century classroom” technology upgrade strategy.  The strategy considered the long term goals, existing capabilities, the financial resources, as well as the skills of the school’s faculty and staff.  The implementation plan included equipment evaluation, scenario planning, vendor selection, equipment procurement, installation management, user training and support.

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