Vector Associates, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of our latest client website

The all new website created for the Greater West Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce launched today, April 3, 2013.

Greater West Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce Website

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Key goals and considerations in the design and implementation of the site included:

  • Showcase the role of the Greater West Bloomfield Chamber to facilitate “Bringing Business and Community Together” in the greater West Bloomfield area
  • Highlight and quickly provide site visitors with key information related to the many events in which the Chamber is involved
  • Include an easily accessed and updated calendar function to capture and share future Chamber events
  • Provide a means to showcase Chamber members and event sponsors
  • Create an efficient online signup and payment process, utilizing PayPal, for facilitate the process for members and non-members to join the Chamber, to sponsor Chamber events and to attend Chamber events

Designed for smartphones to PCs

One key element in the design of this website is the use of “responsive design” principals.  Using responsive design, the site automatically adapts to the wide range of screen sizes on which it is viewed, from smartphones to desktop PCs.  This is a critical consideration for any company or organization that wishes to ensure their site can be viewed on the widest possible range of devices.  The goal of Vector Associates is to implement ALL  new and updated client websites using this approach.

Vector Associates appreciates and looks forward to a continuing long relationship with the Greater West Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce.  We would like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank the Chamber President, Kelly Taylor, and the Chamber Executive Director, Suzanne Levine, for their encouragement, support and active participation in defining and implementing this site in just over one month!

Are you an individual,  business or an organization in need of an all new or a redesigned website?  Contact Vector Associates today!


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