I learned about this product through a webinar produced by AVI-SPL.

Dewey iPad Document Camera StandThe product is the “Dewey the document camera stand” from Copernicus Educational Products.

Product page: Click here
Company home page: Click here

Frankly, my gut reaction was skepticism when I first saw an image of the product. How klunky is THAT?!

But then I began to think about it.  While it is a bit awkward looking, it has several unique advantages when compared to the Elmo TT document camera that many of us are familiar with:

    1. If you already are using an iPad in your classroom, this gives you another way to extend that capability.
    2. The ability to switch back and forth between apps on the iPad and the camera, at will, to help facilitate the classroom learning experience.
    3. If your iPad is wirelessly connecting to a projector or a PC in your classroom, more flexibility to position the camera capture stand.
    4. It can also double as an iPad stand/podium when you are not using the camera, but there are probably better options to choose from if you don’t need the camera stand capabilities.
    5. At a price of $ 94.95, several hundred dollars less than one of the various Elmo document cameras (http://www.elmousa.com/k-12-education-solutions/cameras)

To be fair, the Elmo document cameras/visual presenters are fine products.  They have a number of unique features including zoom and other controls that you don’t get with the Dewey document camera stand solution (although you can manually adjust the height of the stand and therefore the zoom level). Depending on your specific needs, there may still be good reasons to choose a solution from the Elmo product line.

My bottom line: If you are an iPad user that would like to add document camera capability to your portfolio of tools for just under $ 100, the Dewey document camera stand is worth a look!

That’s my opinion.  What do you think?

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