Results Driven Business Strategies

The starting point for any business or organization is an effective set of aligned business strategies


The applies to non-profit organizations as well as businesses.

Key questions to answer as part of refining existing or developing new business strategies include:

  • How is the organization performing today?  Are results meeting expectations?  Why not?
  • What are the goals of the organization?  Today?  In the future?
  • Which goals are being met?  Which aren’t?  Why?
  • Is the team aligned and focused?  What are the distractions?  What actions must be taken to align the team?
  • What are the specific, measurable, and time-bounded strategies that need to be put in place to meet the goals?
  • How will progress be measured and monitored?
  • How will the need for future “course corrections” be identified and managed?

The right business strategies will enable the business or organization to:

  • Take Advantage of New Market Opportunities
  • Define and Implement Product/Service Growth Strategies
  • Leverage Information and Other Support Technologies
  • Respond to Market Position and Competitive Pressures
  • Define/Refine Customer Strategies and the Sales Approach

Developing and implementing effective business strategies involves analysis, critical thinking, drawing conclusions, making decisions and documenting the resulting plan.

Why Vector Associates

We work with you and your team to answer the key questions identified above as a trusted advisor and sounding board.  This critical third party perspective coupled with our knowledge and the experience that we are able to apply are important elements.  We work through the process with you to develop and implement the solutions that will enable you to drive your business or organization forward.

Example Engagement

Vector Associates assisted a business owner in the financial services sector address a broad range of strategic and operational issues.  The effort involved developing a new market entry strategy, increasing the efficiency of daily business operations and implementing an effective, incentive based, employee bonus system.  Success required working closely with the owner and his staff to identify, diagnose and implement the needed process changes.

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